Friday, April 8, 2011

The sound of silence

Life was going as usual. The cafeteria was full of students eating and calling out to each other. Suddenly, a favorite colleage came sliding up to me, grinning. "Did you notice our world falling in around us?" he asked, chuckling. My blank look prompted him to continue. "All of our cell phones are down, all of our Internet is down, as well as the landlines," this course meant that the ATM's were down, the gas pumps were down, as well as the grocery store. The funny thing was, I felt a sense of relief. For a small rift in time, I was totally unaccessible to the outside world. The younger generation wasnt sure of how to communicate without their tech.

I wonder,  how would it be, knowing we were totally cut off from God? Watching the youth panic without their e-communication, I tried to fathom people that did not have the privelege of communicating with God, because they've decided God doesn't exist. Or maybe He does exist, but for some reason they're very angry with Him. What a wonderful privilege to be able to commune with Him any time of the day or night.

We all have that privilege, you know. Even those of you who might have decided that God doesn't exist, God doesn't love you, or whatever other mindset you can conjure up. Give it a try. With sincerity, talk to God. If He's real, you'll know, if He's not, the worse case scenario is that you've just spent a few minutes talking to air. God is real, and His love for us is just as real. Give it a go... what do you have to lose?

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