Saturday, April 2, 2011

Misplaced focus?

"it's time for the sleeping giant to awaken (the church). It's time to wake up, step up and speak up, or lose everything" was the message silently being heralded on a busy intersection in town.

While I admire the sincere efforts of the sign bearers, I have to wonder about the focus of the heart. Lose everything? Really? I know times are bad, I know the world is going to hell in a hand basket, but is fussing at the conductors leading us there really going to turn the hand basket around? I think not. There's nothing that's happening that God hasn't already foreseen. Why not speak out about hope? God created us to have a dependent relationship with Him. I'm convinced that there are folks wanting to know that God loves them. I'm betting that there are people that want to understand the Gospel in its simplicity, and lay the self effort religion down without guilt. Too many people are wanting out, but they're scared they'll disappoint God if they do. So yes, in that aspect, I agree, speak up to the ones in bondage who are wanting out. Step up, reach out a hand to the heavy burden and invite them to rest in Jesus.

Some one once said,
There cannot be world peace until there is national peace.
There cannot be national peace until there is state peace.
There cannot be state peace until there is local peace.
The cannot be local peace until there is family peace.
There cannot be family peace until there is individual peace.
There cannot be family peace until there is individual peace.
There cannot be individual peace without Jesus.

Know Jesus, know peace.
No Jesus, no peace.

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