Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Elijah complex

The ending of today's broadcast brought a smile to my face. The show host was laughingly confessing to having the Elijah complex near the end of his "What's it all about?" journey away from the law.

What's the Elijah complex? Glad you asked.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rise and be healed--no thanks, I'm fine.

Funny isn't it? For once in my life, it's okay by me to be hearing impaired. Thinking back into the throes of yesteryear, I recall service after service being annointed with oil, having the elders pray for my healing, only to go into the hospital for surgery right on cue. As usual, this operation didn't work either. I've lost count of how many operations I've had on my ears in hopes of restoring my hearing to at least almost normal. It seemed other people around me were receiving their miracles from God. Where was mine? Shame engulfed me as ministers would quote, "According to your faith, be healed!" Apparently I didn't have enough faith.

What happens to Christians who wander out in left field?

 Today's broadcast was an interesting one. Timely, too. Our group of friends have been casually discussing some of the erroneous teachings we're hearing. The most recent discussion was of the one where a Christian can go to hell if, in the last few breaths of his life, his spiritual state is that of sin. According to a particular teaching, there is no guarantee of eternal security, until we get there, that is--if we get there.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Mom, I forgive you"

If you listen to no other broadcast, I encourage you to listen to today's. One such caller was calling again, just to update the listeners on her situation. She called  several days ago, at the tail end of the program, hurt and nearly crushed with the pain her mom inflicted on her. The caller and her mom never had a good relationship, until the caller was diagnosed with cancer. Throughout the entire cancer ordeal, the mom was there for her. However, later, after the cancer went into remission, the mom resumed her behavior of shunning the daughter, and denying any relationship with her. As I listened to her story, my heart broke for her. Have you, or anyone you know ever gone through this? To have a parent/guardian just cast you aside, I cannot fathom that. At least not to that degree.

Lord, lord, have we not prophesied.....?

This is the verse that I was trying to think of when penning yesterday's blog. Matthew 7 shows us an illustration of some people trying to get into heaven based on their good works. "Lord, Lord, didn't we prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name and do many mighty works in your name?" To which they received the reply, "Depart from me, workers of iniquity, I never knew you". Sad. Now, to the common eye, these people in question probably looked like Authentic Christians. Casting out demons, prophesying, doing mighty works..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are Christians just Jesus mimes?

"Isn't the true measure of an authentic Christian to practice the teachings of Jesus when no one is looking?" was that status message of a relative on their social network page.  I must admit that I cringed when I read that. Is that how God measures an authentic Christian? No... not really.

We've always done it this way!!

Many times I have heard that exclamation. Both in the church life and work life. Probably even the home life as well. Does that make it right, however?  Does it make it even worth a look? A caller in today's broadcast mentioned an elderly relative wanting to leave her church, due to the fact that the denomination has started to change the way things are done. This particular relative grew up where women were pretty well not allowed to be a visual participant of any church activity. I can relate. Women were to be seen and not heard. We were supposed to show up at every quilting bee, and we could talk there--but heaven forbid that we actually do anything beyond sing and smile on Sunday morning. So thankful am I, that Jesus was the first women's libber! But--that's for another time.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just who do you think you are??

No, seriously... who DO we think we are? I suppose it might depend on what day of the week you ask us. We might carry the identity of someone's spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend, career person. What happens when we no longer carry that identity? THEN who are we? Any of the above listed identities could change in a split second, through our own choices, choices of others, or because of circumstances beyond our control. Thankfully, we have access to one identity that will never change.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work--errr church I go!

That famous Disney song is what comes to mind when I think of church attendance bondage. You know those churches--they make you feel like you are the world's biggest backslider if you're not at church every time the doors open. Between making sure we attend the local church religiously, and making sure we keep our sins confessed and forgiven, when are we supposed to find time to enjoy Christ? When are we supposed to be able to do that resting thing that Jesus promised those who were weary and came to him? I used to think it was when I died and went to heaven. I simply had no time to rest right now... too much to 'do'. Just before I pulled out of the local congregation, I was in more ministries than I cared to be involved in, but felt 'obligated' to be involved--you know.. being God's right hand gal and all...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why do the ungodly prosper?

......was the ending question of today's broadcast. My heart sympathized with the caller. I can remember back in the day, when it seemed like no matter what I did to get ahead, I always seemed to fall 3 steps back. Meanwhile, some of my family members were living it up in bars, kept making it hand over fist. This realization brought me into the state of depression more often than not.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Real answers for Real People with Real questions

This afternoon's broadcast was pretty solid. One of my favorite broadcasts sharing the Good News of the Gospel, People to People, has a radio show that allows callers to call in with sincere Bible Questions, or questions about life in general, and the hosts enjoy giving the Biblical advice to the callers. If the answer doesn't come from scriptures, it doesn't get broadcasted. That's something I really respect from these guys. It's God or nothing.

There's No Place Like Home, No Place Like Home...

Home. What a wonderful sounding word. To quote the character Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home" Or is there?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I do belong somewhere

This post was on my cousin's status message on our social network. Her mindset was back in our family reunion, where as usual, we all had a blast.

However, her simple statement of thanks sparked another thought within. We do belong somewhere, and more importantly to someone, namely Jesus Christ. Just like my cousin experienced a room full of love within our extended family, we who are in Christ, can also experience that love, and know that we actually do belong somewhere.