Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just who do you think you are??

No, seriously... who DO we think we are? I suppose it might depend on what day of the week you ask us. We might carry the identity of someone's spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend, career person. What happens when we no longer carry that identity? THEN who are we? Any of the above listed identities could change in a split second, through our own choices, choices of others, or because of circumstances beyond our control. Thankfully, we have access to one identity that will never change.

That identity is a Child of God. Now, now, don't go rolling your eyes just yet. Hear me out. You might argue, "Big deal, we're all children of God". I'm afraid that's not so, according to John 8. The Pharisees fumed at Jesus and stated that they had no father, other than God. Jesus refuted that, and said that their father was the devil. Not very encouraging, is it? The Pharisees also thought that "everyone was a child of God"... well, at the very least, they were. So... who exactly gets to tote the identity of a Child of God? The Pharisees were religious.. they had been brought up in the law, a few of them probably did some good works... and yet, these few that Jesus was talking to had an identity crisis.
The opening statements of today's broadcast reminded us just who has the right to say they are a Child of God. John 1:12 states that those that receive Him, who believed in his name... those have the right to become children of God. Those that will come to Him, He will give them rest. To those that receive Him, they will have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. Wow. Sure is a lot of stuff that comes with receiving Jesus. A new identity, Eternal Life, Forgiveness, righteousness, justification... the list goes on.
I would encourage you, don't make the mistake that the Pharisees did, in thinking because they went to church, might've done a handful of good deeds, that they automatically became a child of God. Allow God to search your heart and see if you really are a Child of God. If you're not...will you answer his invitation to come into the family?

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