Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's No Place Like Home, No Place Like Home...

Home. What a wonderful sounding word. To quote the character Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home" Or is there?

I must confess, I have missed the thick humidity of our land, but now that I am home, I really miss the fellowship of like minded believers. Where were they, you ask? Glad you asked that. My children and I just spent 4 wonderful days at a Classic Christianity Conference in Dallas Texas, hosted by the People to People Ministries. There were Bible Study lectures, meals taken together, testimony from Ms. Amy George, author of Goodbye is Not Forever, and radio broadcasts to sit in on. It was wonderful to see all my old friends again, as well as make some new.

Although I've attended a good number of conferences, there were some definite changes this time. For starters, the founder of the ministry was unable to teach due to health reasons, but he did get a chance to drop by and say 'hello'. It was bittersweet, knowing he wasn't able to teach. However, the message was still delivered by two fine ministers in their own right, Bob Christopher and Richard Peifer. Both men shared their hearts, and bared their souls on a couple of occasions. How could any conferee not appreciate the fact that the men allowed their hearts to be exposed before total strangers?

So now what? We're back home again, and business as usual. God of course, is still working in our lives, and it seems to be more and more obvious. Just little snatches of hints and signs seem to let us know that He's not stopped loving us. Although I do miss my friends in Texas immensely, I have God's comfort that, whether there or in the air, I will see my friends again. Neither of us will have to worry about geography keeping us apart. I've often imagined Heaven being like a wonderful eternal family reunion, where we actually LIKE our family members, rather than to just tolerate them. All that love, flowing from the throne of God, all those people who have passed away in Christ long before us. Can you imagine? Not only seeing your grandmother, husband, wife, parent or child, but to see the Apostle Paul, Peter, James and John. Of course, in the center of all this gathering, is Jesus Christ Himself, the Lamb slain.

Although at times I'm torn, between loving the low lying terrain of my own home, I miss the Good News fellowship had by the high rise Texans. This merely serves as a reminder that one day, we'll have both, the wonderful location and the most wonderful people to fellowship with--for Eternity.

So, in spite of all the scary stuff going on out there in the world, with both governments and cultures alike, we can have this peace: The Lamb Wins.

You have been given an invitation to join our Eternal Family Reunion. What will your RSVP be?

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