Monday, June 28, 2010

What happens to Christians who wander out in left field?

 Today's broadcast was an interesting one. Timely, too. Our group of friends have been casually discussing some of the erroneous teachings we're hearing. The most recent discussion was of the one where a Christian can go to hell if, in the last few breaths of his life, his spiritual state is that of sin. According to a particular teaching, there is no guarantee of eternal security, until we get there, that is--if we get there.
The whole basis of this particular premise, is that God is still holding us accountable for our sins; either sins of misdeeds, or the sins of omission (not doing the good things as well as doing the bad things); and has not reconciled the world to Himself through Christ Jesus, as stated in II Corinthians 5)The internal conflict of the human--his spirit and body are both fighting for the soul. Tug of war. The one who has the soul at the point of death wins. Nowhere, was the Grace introduced; nowhere was the fact that Jesus is our chief cornerstone ; rather, our deeds or misdeeds is the cornerstone.

During today's program, a caller asked what happens to all of our 'good deeds' if, when we die, we had a year of wandering off into left field. The show host chuckled at the end, and stated that it wasn't a matter of if we strayed, more like when we strayed. Christians don't immediately stop sinning whenever we come to Christ, contrary to popular belief.
What happens to our 'rewards' is insignificant, really. We're going to spend eternity with the one Who loves us completely! That's reward enough for me... to think.. see face to face the one Who loved me so much, that in spite of myself, He woo'd me to His loving embrace, secured and safe from spiritual death.  Anything we do, good or bad, in our flesh, will be burnt up as wood,  hay and stubble. Anything that Jesus does through us, will get the reward. Won't it be a relief, that none of our baggage will follow us to Eternity? It's not about us... it's about Jesus. Jesus loves us.. He has invited us to His marriage supper.. Will you come? Once you're His, you're His for life.. such a comforting feeling, knowing our security doesn't rest on our self-efforts, but rather, Jesus's completed work on the cross.

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