Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mic Burger of love

What a refreshing sermon this past Sunday. Talked about loving others, not just in words, but in action. We're told in the scriptures that the only thing that counts is faith, expressing itself through love. (Galatians 5:6). The word "expressing" is a verb... it shows action. Too many times, I've been guilty of murmuring a few words of sympathy, then moving on, because I simply couldn't be bothered. To keep someone in prayer, is a fine thing, but will that really help the person get his or her needs met? I loved this sermon, because it brought up several instances to remembrance. These incidences reminded me that I didn't have 'conjure' up good works... but rather that the love of God that lives within me will stir up my desires to help this one or that one.

One such story was just here recently. One sister in Christ that we meet with on a weekly basis was in need of a new microphone for her computer. The money just wasn't available for that right now, but another sister had an 'extra one' lying around, and without saying a word--she mailed the mic. What a blessing we all received from that! We do our Bible Studies via Skype on Sunday mornings, and hearing or being heard  is an important component of our studies. Instead of saying, "Gosh, sister, I sure hope you can get a microphone soon!", someone actively set about and saw that she got the mic needed.

Another incident involved a Wendy's hamburger. There is a man who is in the hospital, fighting cancer, I believe it is, and really has had a rough go of it. The brother in law, also up in years, got on his motorcycle one day, drove all the way to the hospital, but not before stopping off first and getting a Wendy's burger for the patient. The hospital-ridden man was so elated to get a gift as tasty as a fast food burger--given what he had been through, as well has having to eat the hospital food. That was also love in action.  Instead of simply saying, 'Wow... sure hope you feel better soon--I'll say a prayer for you" the brother in law actually did something about helping him feel better--with a burger!

In writing this, I'm reminded of just how God works, and that distance simply is not a hinderance to God, or what He desires to get accomplished. Several years back, I ran into an old friend from a former church.  The church we were both involved in was a simple country Baptist Church, where she sang and I was the pianist. Since then, she and her family have moved to a different church home, as did I, and eventually just stopped "going" to church altogether. She was horrified to learn that I no longer belonged to a local body of believers. She asked who on earth would I turn to in my time of need, without a church family?? Her question left me dumbfounded. Didn't she KNOW that my dependency is on God, not a church family?? I mentioned this, but it was brushed off, with the reply that I needed someone 'local' for God to use. I told her that I would keep her in mind, the next time I needed something, because I knew she was a friend, and knew that our kinship in Christ superseded any church congregation. She immediately blessed me, offered to pray for me, then with a smile and a wave, she was gone.

Since then, I have been able to witness a brother in Indiana need a computer, and a brother in Florida happen to have an extra one lying around, and sent it to him. I, myself needed an external modem for a laptop, was totally clueless about modems of any sort, and a brother in California sent me one, with instructions of how to use it. Another incident involved a CD series that I was interested in but needed to save enough money to purchase it. A brother in Colorado asked me which one I was interested in, and, I told him, thinking it was just a casual light-hearted conversation. A few weeks later, this CD series arrives in the mail, with a few extra treasures packaged with it. Instead of simply saying, "Well, I hope you're able to save up for it", this brother put love in action, and saw to it that I received a resource that wound up being very beneficial to me.

Another story comes to mind about a single soldier that was over seas and received the Good News of the Gospel. He was so elated, he wanted to start a Bible Study for his unit. Calling a favorite broadcast, he asked about which books should he start with, and would it be okay to share that single book with his unit. Other listeners heard this, and several from across the globe all chimed in and purchased several resources for this young soldier. Instead of simply saying, 'I hope he gets that Bible Study started", these anonymous listeners stepped up and did something about it.

If a person is indeed in Christ, God isn't just on the outside, trying to get our attention. He's going to do what needs doing to encourage the Body of Christ, and to give hope to a lost world. Is God nudging you to put love in action? Now mind you, this isn't a blog that's trying to get you to do every good work you come across. Jesus only did what His father in heaven told him. But, when you are prompted to put love in action, don't hold back. Know that God has your best interest at heart, the same as He does for others. Results of your love in action are not your business. God will deal with the result, good or bad.

I'd like to close by sharing one of God's promises to us:
All things work together for good, to them that love the Lord, and who are called, according to His purpose Romans 8:28. 

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