Thursday, April 8, 2010

God Delivers Again

Once again, God has delivered. I bet I have spent the entire week fuming over world politics, knowing that I am helpless to totally eradicate the depravity of mankind. Don't you ever get tired of it? Wouldn't you love, just for a few minutes (okay, maybe longer) to be transported to the Garden of Eden, and really be in Paradise?

This world is in rough shape, my friend. I suppose, if we were really truthful about it, the world has been in rough shape every since Eve ate the fruit, then turned around and gave Adam some. In that split second, they both died spiritually. The Spirit of God left them, and the intimate fellowship they knew was no more.

That one act, so many years ago, was the catapult of all that's wrong with humanity.  A wise man once said that, there will be no world peace until we have national peace. We'll have no national peace, until we have local peace. We'll have no local peace until we have peace in our families. We'll have no peace in our families, until we have peace within ourselves. We'll have no peace within ourselves until we have the Prince of Peace--Jesus Christ.

So what does all of this have to do with God delivering again? Well, today, my anger boiled over, with no outlet. Angry at the government, at family, at friends, everybody. I didn't like my attitude, but I was helpless to change it. My focus was not on God and His love for me, but rather, the circumstances of today's world. Every generation has seen its hardships, some worse than others. Yet, God has not left His children. He made a promise way back when that He would never leave us nor forsake us. Today... He's gently taken my thoughts and turned them back towards Him.

Now, this doesn't mean that He's going to wave a magic wand and make everything roses--the way things are, we'll probably be feeling the thorns for quite a while. However, to His children, if we look, we'll be able to see the roses He has planted in our lives. He'll send that particular friend... bring to your memory that particular verse... remind you of that certain golden nugget He sent in times past. No.. God has not left us. Are you His child? If not, He's open to having more in the Family. Believe that He is, and search for Him. He makes Himself known to those who earnestly seek Him. With the way this world is going, it's nice to know someone really does care.. and can do something about your life!

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