Friday, April 9, 2010

Eenie meenie, miney, moe..

In my childhood days, a lot of important decisions were made using little rhymes like the one in the title. However, some decisions just should not be left to chance. This blog was inspired by another blog I read from time to time (note to self, do not build a house in Carrollton, Texas) 

For instance, exactly what is your foundation of living based on? For years, I used to say that my foundation was based on Jesus, but the sad reality was, it was really based on my church attendance and what my church leaders thought. I was under the misguided impression that the two were synonymous. Years later, when this foundation proved not to be stable enough to endure some hardships I was going through, God, so patiently, mercifully and tenderly, taught me Who the real foundation was. He taught me the difference between churchianity, and being a child of God. Jesus provides so much more than a simple change of circumstances; He provides a change of heart. He provides Truth to stand on, when the going gets tough.

Consider this: two thieves hanging on the cross on either side of Jesus. One, hurling insults, challenges Jesus to save Himself, and them, too. The other rebukes the first, saying that they are getting their just rewards, but that Jesus has done nothing wrong. He then asks Jesus to remember him, and Jesus lets him know that day, he would be with Jesus in paradise. The first thief didn't come to Jesus for life, but simply in hopes of getting his circumstances changed. He wanted off of that cross. He wanted to stop hurting. None of their circumstances changed. The suffering on the cross kept continuing, the pain kept coming, but after it was all over, only one made it to paradise with Jesus.

What is your foundation of your life? Is it self effort? Approval of others? Or simply, Jesus Christ, Himself God incarnate?

I encourage you to make a conscious decision today. Don't leave it to chance.

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