Saturday, March 12, 2011

Okay, What Do I Do, Now?

A kid named Brady emailed the ministry with a sincere plea for direction. He'd accepted Christ a couple of years back, but was now at the, "now what?" stage. He didn't really 'feel' any different. Should he read the Bible more? Go to church more? He went to church, but it wasn't a big deal to him. Where should he start reading in the bible? What should he start 'doing'?

That email tied in nicely with this morning's sermon. We, as children of God, will be prompted to move out of our comfort zones pretty much like Brady was. Sure, we've accepted Christ... but now what? If we get the wrong, however well-intended, answer, our life could become a rat race for sure. If 'we' try to do all the 'right things' in the energy of our own flesh, we'll simply crash and burn. Having faith in a God we don't know very well is very commendable, but how does it help us in our day to day life? Sure we'll go to heaven after we die, but what about now? How do I act towards my family? My coworkers? Classmates? Teachers? Bosses?

Personally, I've found that I've just had to "get away from it all" and just study on my own--me and God. I had been involved in a very enthusiastic church for years, thought I would become one of their 'elders' and be buried there, and was totally blindsided when God rolled out the blueprints He had for my life. Not the whole way, mind you--He only shows what He knows I need to see.

I have to admit, I miss some of my old friends from the former congregation I attended. But I am very convinced that God has me where He wants me. It suits me.  It wasn't in my comfort zone--at first, but soon became to fit me like a glove.

Throughout the studies, God has shown me the reoccurring theme: love others as he has loved me.  This is contrary to the Old Testament's Love others as you love yourself. Now we've gone a bit tougher--love as God loves us--wholly, completely, and unconditionally.

I commend Brady for calling in. Here's hoping that he calls again, with wonderful tidbits of what God is doing in His life. Young people are thirsting after something real, as well. Will God use us to show them? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, God's word will not return void. The Brady's of the world will have their thirst quenched. Jesus is our Living Water. He that drinks from Him shall never thirst again. God bless Brady. God bless all of His children--and He does..

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