Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eureka!! It makes sense!

On a friends status message, I read the following thought: "Don't try to live for God with all your strength; and don't try "all of God and none of me." The third and right way is our union with Christ. It's all of Him joined to all of me, and we are compatible.".  A response was given that " it's still a terrible plague that, after having received a new self, we still fall into degenerating ourselves, as though that's humility. It's more humble (and accurate) to acknowledge what God has made of us, all by Himself".

My thoughts on this conversation were silent. At first I balked at the thought of being "compatible" with God. It was sometime later that I had to reconcile the fact that I had equated the word "compatible" with "equal". In relationships, we often make remarks to the compatibility of couples. We notice compatibility between coworkers. Basically what we mean is that the two compliment each other. The two work well together.

That makes sense. God works with us. He makes us into a new creation. Not an improved old creation, but brand new. What makes us new? The life of Christ living in us. God with us is the ultimate of all relationships. When we come to Him by faith, He makes us compatible with Him by making us new creations. God made us holy, God made us righteous.

I suppose I was guilty of having the degenerate thought of being less than filth, and unfit to approach God. Perhaps that was true before God got hold of me, but when He made me new, all that changed. It all makes sense now!! To say that it's all of God and none of me, is to divide the relationship. God is in me, working His will through me, and I get the sheer joy of the most Divine Romance! He gives me life, I give Him praise. He gives me His life, I give Him mine. Equal? Not hardly. Compatible? Totally. God made sure of it.

So what about you? How do you respond to the truth that God made us totally compatible with Him?  Like me, will you deny it, turning around in shame, thinking you couldn't possibly be compatible with God, or will you thank Him for the work He did in you?

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