Thursday, February 18, 2010

Forgive as God has forgiven us.

Listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the speaker mentioned that there doesn't seem to be as much forgiveness dispersed throughout the body of Christ as there should be. Simply making an observation, no harm in that. Listening to his explanation, I began to wonder. Does forgiving a brother or sister in Christ equate trusting them again? This has always intrigued me. Looking in scripture, We see that we ARE to extend forgiveness. I can appreciate that. After all, if God isn't holding our sins against us, why should we hold each other's sins against ourselves?

In my mind's eye is an analogy of a yard dog. If I walk by this yard day after day, and the dog sometimes bites me, and sometimes doesn't, it wouldn't take very many trips by that yard before I'll find some other route. Now, I'm not mad at the dog--the dog is only doing what a dog does. However, should I keep sticking my hand out, knowing that the dog might lick it, or bite it? I would be foolish to do so. So, in the same manner, when a family member or friend sometimes treats you with compassion, and sometimes bites you...and the biting becomes more consistant... I'd want to find another friend to hang around.
Of course, we're all going to be guilty of doing the biting at one time or another; but when there's no remorse for the biting? So, can you forgive said friend/family member, not bring it up to their attention anymore, but yet be very wary when they're around? I think so. Even Jesus did not entrust Himself to man, because He knew the heart of man. Of course this didn't stop Him from loving us, but it did show us that He wasn't going to trust us. He knows better.
Just some thoughts to ponder...

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