Monday, February 15, 2010

Death, Burial and Resurrection.

In Matthew 27, we're seeing the crucifixion unfold. We see disciples scattering like sheep. Peter denies Christ, the cock crows, then with great sorrow, Peter realizes that what Jesus foretold was true. Peter knew Jesus to be the Son of God. He confessed this in earlier times. Did it mean anything to him? He denied knowing Who he knew to be God's son. I surmise that none of the disciples knew what was happening. Sure, Jesus told them plainly that he was going to die; yet none of the disciples (except Peter) would even go there. Beyond making sure it wasn't each of them that wasn't going to betray them, they never proceeded any further. Even Judas, realizing that he had betrayed an innocent man (Duh!) tried to give back the money; and when that didn't go well, he hung himself. In hell? Most folks think so. I won't even go there. Judas was part of the plan--SOMEONE had to betray him--it was prophesied. Where was Jesus during the three days after His death and before His resurrection? The idea was that He went to set captives free in the prison/paradise, whatever you want to call it. Judas might've been there. I have no clue. To speculate would be merely to speculate. God has it covered. No need to stress about it.

The moment of Christ's death, the veil was ripped in two, from top to bottom. Ha! The Law is done! Jesus fulfilled it all! He was the ultimate sacrifice for sins; God had forsaken Him, when He, Jesus, became sin for mankind. There is no need for a high priest. What now? How did the people react when, at the moment of death, the sky was darkened, the veil was ripped; earthquake shook the earth; and the graves were opened. I'd be willing to be that didn't happen at other executions. And what of the dead-now-brought-to-life people doing into town after the Resurrection? Could you imagine sitting down for the evening meal, and long departed Aunt Ruth comes in? Not a whole lot is said about that incident, and the other Gospels don't even mention it. I wonder why Matthew did? Did the others not know about it? Did it indeed happen? Or was this one of those "not in the original greek manuscript' things? I don't know. I do know I would have been scared silly if dearly departed Aunt Ruth came in for a meal.

I find it interesting, that on the Resurrection Day, the guards were told by the chief priests to lie about what happened. Why? Why not simply tell the truth? The guards were given sums of money, and told that they'd be saved from the governor, if word got out. Now--what did the chief priests really think? They KNEW the disciples hadn't stolen the body, so where was this man Jesus whom they killed?? Did they wonder? Did they tremble in fear, thinking that Jesus was going to come after them? How much pride can fit into one person's body? I mean come on! An angel? An earthquake? Bright light? Were earthquakes common in that area? First, an earthquake announces the death of Jesus; then an earthquake announces the Resurrection of Jesus. Intriguing! Jesus--the author of the New Covenant. Salvation brought to all men; who will receive it? Who will reject it? What will you do with this gift offered to you from Someone who knows you; yet loves you anyway?

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