Sunday, March 28, 2010

Luke 12-15

Well, I'm definitely in a rambling mode. The moon is threatening to become full in just a day or so. The politics of our country are picking up speed on their way to hell in that hand basket they're riding in. What makes me angry is that they insist on taking me with them. I will NOT go peacefully!

Sigh... but meanwhile, one of the other blogs I frequent has talked about "Luke 12-15", zeroing on the Prodigal son. In reading those scriptures, I didn't zero in on the prodigal son, and I'd like to share just some of the highlights that I came across. Beware: Long blog ahead...

Warnings and encouragement:
To the disciples: be on guard against pharisees; they’ll tell everything you do. Do not be afraid of anyone who can kill the body, but of Him who can do more. Don’t worry what you should say; the Holy Spirit will guide.

The parable of the Rich Fool
Someone in the crows wants Jesus to make his brother share the inheritance. Jesus speaks to “them” (no longer just the disciples) and tells the parable of the rich fool--there’s more to life than eating, drinking, and being merry.

Do Not Worry
Now Jesus is speaking to His disciples again. Don’t worry. God watches over the sparrows and lilies, He’ll watch over you.

Continuing His teachings, Jesus tells his disciples to be dressed and ready for the master’s return. When the master returns, and finds the servants doing as they should, then he (the master) will dress to serve, and have the servants recline back in the recliner. Blessed are the servants that the master finds ready. Even if it is the 2nd or 3rd watch. Peter asks, “Who are you talking to? Just us disciples, or everyone? (good question, Peter) Jesus answers that he’s talking to the ‘head servant’? The manager that manages the servants and pays them the food allowance. (so would this mean only the 12?) Interesting. It’s almost as if Jesus is saying that the “preachers and teachers” who abuse their congregation because God isn’t coming soon enough, will be tossed out with the unbelievers? At least the preachers/teachers who know better. The ones who do it, and DON’T know better, won’t get punished ‘quite as bad’?

Not Peace, but Division
Jesus continues talking to the disciples and comments that He wishes the fire were already kindled. We can relate. Sometimes we KNOW we have to go through something unpleasant, and wish it were already over. Jesus knew he wasn’t coming to bring peace, but rather division. The same sun hardens clay but melts wax.

Interpreting the times.
Now Jesus is talking to the crowd, and calling them hypocrites for being able to decipher the natural weather elements, but not the present times. I honestly don’t understand this. What does being a good weather guesser have to do with interpreting things of a spiritual nature?

Repent or Perish
Enough said. However, Pilate is mixing the blood of people with their sacrifices? Who’s sacrifices? Sacrifices made to who? God or some pagan?Who are the 18 that got killed when the tower in Siloam fell? I wonder if this is in the history books anywhere?
Jesus then tells the parable of the Fig Tree. 3 years the master cannot find fruit on it, and demands that it be cut down. The vineyard keeper said to give it another year, and that he himself will fertilize it… then if it doesn’t produce fruit, then cut it down. Give it one more chance.

A Crippled Woman Healed on the Sabbath
Jesus heals a woman who was crippled by a spirit and could not straighten up, but stayed bent over (The spirit of osteoporosis???) The pharisees, of course, are indignant of Him healing on the sabbath. What’s wrong with healing on those other 6 days? Perfect opportunity to call them out. You mean it’s okay to get an ox out of the ditch, but not okay to heal a woman? Hypocrites. Good. The pharisees are humiliated, and the crowd is delighted.

The parables of the Mustard seed and the yeast.
Just a quick analogy of the Kingdom heaven. A small grain of mustard grows into a tree large enough to give the birds of the air a resting place; and a little bit of yeast that works through the entire loaf of bread, allowing it to rise (yeast is good, in this instance)

The Narrow Door.
The question is asked, “Are just a few going to be saved?” Jesus tells him to try to enter the narrow door, because not everyone will be able to. Once the master shuts the door, that’s it. You’ll see folks coming in from the North, South, east and west, and even see Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and other prophets--how sad it will be when you are kept out!

Jesus’ Sorrow for Jerusalem
Some Pharisees came and told Jesus to leave, because Herod wanted to kill him. That was nice, wasn’t it? To give Jesus a head’s up that someone was trying to kill him? Or was it? Might it have been a ploy simply to make Jesus go away? Go bother someone else? We don’t know that nature of these particular Pharisee’s heart; but none the less, Jesus weeps because Jerusalem, killer of prophets, is still wanted and loved by God.

Jesus at a Pharisee’s House
Sabbath day, a man with Dropsy is in front of Jesus, and everyone is watching Jesus. He simply asks if it were lawful to heal on the sabbath. No one says anything. So he heals the man and sends home on. Jesus then asks the people if they had a son or ox that falls into a well, wouldn’t they pull him out? Even on the Sabbath? Silence. Well, He couldnt’ start a fight there, so he sees people wanting to sit in the best seats. Jesus tells them to pick the poorer seats, and wait to be asked to sit in the more honorable seats. He then tells the hosts not to invite family, friends, or rich people to parties--they can always pay you back. Instead, Jesus says to invite the cripple, poor and lowly--the ones who CANT pay them back. The host will be blessed at the resurrection.

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