Saturday, December 12, 2009

Victory over Depression

Listening to a favorite podcast of mine, one such caller asked about taking meds for mental instability. Wisely, the host would not comment on whether or not the caller should just stop taking the medicine, but rather, inquired as to what difficulties she was having with her mental health. The caller admitted that she had been cursing someone who wasn't there, and that her mom had her admitted into a mental institution. Personally, I wondered why that was so strange. I've yelled at imaginary people a lot...

Of course, the imaginary people represented someone I would have dearly loved to tell off.  The host went on to explain that a lot of our depression could be related to misplaced dependencies, as well as unrealistic expectations. This isn't to say that depression isn't normal. If you lose your job, of course you'll be depressed. If you lose a loved one to death, of course you'll be depressed. It's not like it's anything abnormal. However, when we become obssessed with things we can't control, instead of moving on with life, that's when our pride of life sends us into an uncontrolable depression.

A wonderful resource to have, to hear these blunt realistic comments concerning depression, can be found here. Check it out with an opened mind, and see what you think!
Merry Christmas!

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