Thursday, December 17, 2009

Revelation: a revelation of Jesus; not end times

While listening to my favorite podcast, I had a 'wow' moment. The caller was wondering about the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation. One of the simple, so-obvious-I-missed-it statements that one of the hosts made was simply, "Revelation is the revelation of Jesus; not of the end times." Jesus is who is revealed, not the exact date of His returning. Sure, we're told what to expect, but it's more of a "don't let this get you down". Jesus is already victorious over sin and death.
Remember: The Lamb Wins

In this same podcast, the host also mentioned that one of the hardest battle a Christian has to fight, is letting go of his or her battle, and allow Jesus to fight that battle for us; we're called to rest. Even the whole armor of God, we're told to stand in the power of HIS might, (not ours). The battles around us aren't ours... they belong to God.
Now that's something to celebrate about!

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