Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do You Understand the Words Coming Out of My Mouth?

The morning greeted me with ponderings about the Old Testament prophets. I wonder if the Old Testament prophets really understood what God was telling them, or merely doing as they were told. Isaiah, as we know, is the most notable prophet that spoke of the coming of the Savior. Isaiah and his son are talking with Ahaz, and trying to encourage him to not be afraid of the enemies. The enemies want to conquer and divide, but God said it wasn't to happen. Ahaz was told to ask for a sign, but he wouldn't do it. Isaiah basically says, "Fine then! I'll tell you anyway" and so goes the prophecy of a virgin giving birth to a son, and it even speaks of Christ eating curds and honey! In that day also, the land that once gave abundance in vegetation, would be over taken with briars and thorns. He even foretold what Jesus would be eating! (as well as others in that time), as well as to the geographical make up!

Interesting read, Isaiah 7. I wonder if Isaiah could even imagine what he was foretelling. One thing he was told to tell Ahaz, and is still good sense to day, is that if we're not firm in the faith, we won't be firm at all.

....and so years later, things happened exactly as Isaiah foretold it. God left nothing undone. Not only did Isaiah foretell it, but his son and Ahaz were there as witnesses. Did anyone remember when Mary laid Jesus in the manger, the words Isaiah spoke? Does anyone know of anyone else who had that same experience when they gave birth to their son? I'm sure many a 'virgin' claims that she was never intimate enough to get pregnant (so fills up the mental institutions) but how many of those 'virgins' had to lay their baby in a feeding trough? How many of those babies were fed curds and honey? No, Jesus fit the bill to fulfill the prophecy. A few chapters later, Isaiah also foretells of the impending execution of Jesus. Again, Jesus fit the bill to a T. The apostle Paul was so instrumental in the early church. People who were believers of 'the Way' fled to escape persecution. Paul was convinced that he was God's guy in ridding all of these "blasphemers". Curious--Paul, who was the pharisee among pharisees, did he not recognize the prophecy fulfilled in the circumstances surrounding the birth of this man Jesus that he hated so much? I suppose, just like today, Paul had a veil over his eyes until such time it was time for him to know exactly what was what.

I've not read anywhere that foretells of the resurrection. Time prohibits me from doing so on this particular day. I do hope to read Isaiah in it's entirety soon.
Merry Christmas!

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