Saturday, December 5, 2009

By Grace are you saved

I heard someone say once, that they were tired of hearing about the Grace message. The "Grace" message is simply the Jesus message. You know... try as I may, I simply can not disconnect Grace from any part of my life. No matter what situation I'm in--dispute with my husband, kids, students; wary of budgeting woes (or lack of budgeting, rather!) the answer to every situation can be traced back to Grace.

Having a fight with spouse? How would love respond? Never mind his finger pointing, maleness, or anything else we gals might lament about. Simply put, how would love respond? Not how we'd like to respond, but how should we respond? 

Trying to budget your finances? Exactly how much of the stuff that we have, do we need? There's an old saying, if we've not used it in two years or more--time to get rid of it. Either donate it to charity, get a receipt for taxes, or have a combined yard sale with neighbors. Of course, I'm a fine one to talk. We keep "yard sale stuff" for years, then never have a yard sale. Age keeps creeping up, and we've simply not the energy nor time to devote to a yard sale. The next best thing: donate to GoodWill. We get a tax write-off, someone else gets quality stuff they can afford. That's how love responds--knowing you're helping.

Putting off cleaning out the garage? Bathroom cabinet? Ironing? Whatever mundane chore awaits you, think about this: Who benefits from our cleaning, ironing, cooking, etc? Your family? Love would want what's best for them. It would be better if they could live in a house not infested with mold, mildew or critters.

Trying to decide if your children are old enough to do chores? Do you find yourself waiting on them hand and foot? How would love respond? God forbid that we should fall over dead tomorrow, will our children know how to cook a meal? Could they wash their own laundry? Would they know how to shop for best prices? It's not being a slave driver to have our kids learn (although we could hear some laments to the contrary!) I'm sure we want our children to become self sufficient individuals that don't expect hand outs at every given turn. So in love, we make our children clean the kitchen, take out the trash, and care for the family pet. Instill a good work ethic. That's how love responds.

Tired of Grace? Not a chance. Grace is ever present and has permeated every nook and cranny of my life. I welcome the saturation of my heart and soul as day by day, God teaches me, through His grace, how to love others as He's loved me.

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