Friday, December 31, 2010

In His time... In His time...

He makes all things beautiful in His time!
He makes all things beautiful in His time!
Lord, please show me everyday
As you're teaching me your way
and I'll do just what you say,
In your time

so goes the popular hymn. How very true. It's been a learning process, but I think that I've finally learned to trust God, and have been bowled over at His goodness, and at his oh-so-perfect timing!

You see, if I let myself think of it--I often lamented why it took so long for me to even hear, much less accept, the simplicity of the Gospel. How did I go to church all those years, and not hear the gospel, laid out in it's simplicity? Was it because I couldn't really hear? I am severely hard of hearing, have been since birth. Maybe the preacher preached it, and I didn't hear? Or maybe it wasn't really taught. Maybe it was "God loves you, now get out there and gut it out for God to prove that you love him back" that was taught. Nonetheless, I'm resting now, and that's all that matters.

I've got some older members of my family going through the same thing--they've finally--after 60 some odd years of church attendance, have heard the gospel. It's strange that several of the same scriptures we're using now that demonstrate the Gospel, have been highlighted in his Bible. Yet, the verses obviously didn't mean the same thing to him then, as they do now. Why'd it take so long?

Simple. It was in God's time, not ours, that this was brought to pass. Different folks learn in different ways. Regardless of what the reason was, I am elated to know that several of my family members are basking in this new understanding of God's truth.

It'll be a wonderful journey, knowing God's got things handled, as we all go about our life. Come what may, God makes all things work together for good--in His time.

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