Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love, Love, Christians this is your call!

... so goes the song from my childhood. Sounds nice. I have to admit, it's amazing how God works this out.
You see, a few months ago, I'd asked God to help me love. I want to love others the way He loves others, or at least be a willing vessel to have His love flow through me onto others. Every since I've prayed that, it seems God has brought situations (people) to me, that I knew  I could never love in my own strength. He's also opened my eyes to my own heart attitude as I go about my day.

For example, I've renewed my mind as to why I do simple things like clean house. Wives, let's think about it. Why do we wash those dishes? Is it because no one else will? Is it because if we want it done right, we've got to do it ourselves? Or is it because we love our husbands and would like for them to have a clean house to come home to? Notice we can't control if they notice the clean house or not. Do we gripe when they only notice when we don't clean the house? God is teaching me to not do that--not even in the recesses of my mind. I must confess, sometimes I cleaned the house out of guilt. My husband works long hard hours, so the least I could do would be have the house cleaned when he gets home. Now, God is teaching me that washing dishes could be an act of love, not necessary of obligation.

Husbands, don't feel left out. Why do you mow the grass on Saturdays after working so hard during the week? Do you mow it so you don't have to hear the wife complain? Do you do it so the neighbors will think well of you? Or do you do it so the children won't have to worry about the 'wildlife' that could come slithering through the tall grass? What's our heart set as we go about our tasks? Granted, either way, the tasks get done, the difference is our mindset.

Last week, Richard Peifer brought forth a painfully truthful message entitled Love: Where the Rubber Meets the Road I listened to it--twice. It was just as painful the second time around. I dare you to give it a listen--if you have strong shins. You'd think that a sermon on love would be a 'feel good' sermon, wouldn't you? Or all about God's love to us, and how much He loves us. Well, this one is appropriately titled--when all is said and done... how are we doing in the love department? Not just with our families, but with the people we don't especially care for. Be it individuals or peoples of certain races or cultures. Oh yeah. Painful to hear, but truth. It makes today's sermon Love Is Not Rude a breath of easy air.
If you've got the courage enough to listen, I'd love to hear your comments. God is Love.

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