Saturday, January 9, 2010

Word of God, Speak

...Word of God Speak, let it pour down like rain...the words to this song by Mercy Me have found their way into my head and have been running on looping for about a week now. God certainly has His plans. I think it's ironic. I'd not heard that song until a few days ago, thanks to my oldest son who introduced it to me. Then, I find out that the praise team is singing that at church Sunday. Word of God speak to me. God is reminding me that it is He Who hold us, comforts us, and encourages us. Why? Simply out of His great love for us. Sure, He uses us to accomplishes His plans of comfort and encouragement, but make no mistake--our encouragement comes from Him, not each other. Here of late, I've been encouraged from within to "take every thought captive, and make it obedient to Christ" (II Corinthians10:5).

I remember a time in my life, when I was down and needed encouragement, I would look to certain people to give me encouragement. If they did so? Great. I'd "God bless you" and thank them, and do all of that other religious speak. But if they didn't? Boy, howdy, did I get puffed up! They didn't do their civic duty to encourage me when I was down. Didn't they care? Didn't they SEE that I was discouraged?? Problem was, I was so bent on wanting to get my encouragement from a certain person or group of people, I would totally miss out on the encouragement God had planned for me. Then, little by little, I started taking my thoughts captive. God had proven Himself so many times in the past that although He doesn't always send what "I" want, He DOES send what is best. Tunnel vision is not good when waiting on God. We do know that, when God starts laying things out... it's done for our good. Friendship dissolved? Think about it... was that friendship really healthy for you OR them? Job loss? I wonder--was I starting to depend on my own self sufficiency, thereby taking my dependence off of God? Was the job loss an eye opener? Murphy and his law moved in with you? This too, shall pass. While going through your trial, take heart, God loves you, and His love is always demonstrated in action.

Word of God speak, let it fall down like rain. As I take my thoughts captive, thank you for reminding me that your grace IS sufficient for me. Have you not provided encouragement when I thought there was none to be had? Did you not provide fellowship with like minded believers, in the midst of religious accusations? Yes. You are my Provider, my comforter, my all in all.
Thank you God, for speaking your word to me.

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