Thursday, January 14, 2010

He knows my name!

While reading through some of Matthew 6, my heart unexpectedly leapt for joy. Took me by surprise... the truth that dawned on me. Jesus knows MY name! Jesus was warning folks to beware of false prophets, that we'd know them by their fruits.

 We don't gather grapes from thorn bushes, nor do we pick figs from thistle bushes. At first, this scripture made me sigh, because what about people who don't realize how fruits grow?? Keeping with the horticulture analogy, I had a friend once who thought cantaloupes grew on trees. She knew what a cantaloupe was, but not how it was produced. In this day and age, where sin is being called either an alternate lifestyle, a disease, or sickness, how can we accurately identify fruit? Quickly, the Lord impressed on me to quit stressing out over that, and just trust in Him to guide me. Leaving that part of the scripture, I read down a bit further--Jesus gives the illustration of people coming to him and reminding him how they'd cast out demons and perform miracles in Jesus' name. He tells them, "Depart from me, I never knew you" My heart sang, because I KNOW He'll never tell me those words! He DOES know my name, he knows my inner most being! I belong to him! A heart of gratitude welled up inside me. I might not know the meaning behind a lot of scripture--especially the scripture written before the resurrection took place, but this one thing I know: He KNOWS me! He takes care of me, looks out for my well being, and I know that no matter what--He's there for me. That's a love that I've been looking for my whole life. I just want to be loved, without any strings attached. Jesus provides that love. I belong to Him totally and completely!
Thank you, Jesus!

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