Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wow. What a revelation. This weekend, I learned that yes, we CAN survive without the internet.  Have you ever wished you could tear yourself away from the internet, but feel powerless to do so? Too many times it's just simply convenient to "do everything' from your computer. This past weekend, Saturday morning, to be exact, a thunderstorm took out our modem. Neither my teenage boys or me were too upset. We were getting the much needed rain for our yards, crops and wildfires, so we weren't at all upset that the internet was gone. In fact, I would go so far as to say I felt an emotion I'd not felt in a long time.


It was nice to not have to do anything, to not have any schedules to keep, to not have to be depended on..and I had a valid reason for it--no internet.

Although there was relief, I had to question why it was so. Was I now obligated to create documents, research lesson plans, update blogs, surf social networks, and create online communities? Uh -oh. My "must be involved at 120%"itus kicked in without me knowing it. Wasn't this one of the main reasons I left organized church? Because it got to where I was "expected" to do this ministry or that ministry? Somehow, I've become super busy again, and it's nobody's fault but my own.

Now mind you,  I don't anticipate just vanishing from cyberspace forever. No... I've still got friends in far away places that I would like to stay in touch with. I still have questions that can be answered with a simple search. However, I do anticipate not being as glued to my monitor as I once was. Hopefully, there will be more impromptu jam sessions with my son, the budding guitarist (who, as I found out this weekend, is REALLY good!) I anticipate perhaps to enjoy outside more, more of God's creation, before mankind totally screws it up

What about you? Spending too much time in front of your monitor? Wishing you had more time? God gave us ~~24 hours in a day. What will we do with it?  What happens if we DON'T impose deadlines on ourselves? Simple, life goes on.  God continues to love us.

Oh yeah. I think I'm gonna like the new mindset.  I honestly think that God did us a favor by having His lightening take out our modem. It was really a nice weekend.

Don't forget to stop and enjoy the flowers!

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