Thursday, August 26, 2010


.......So, how's that for a post title? I am so frustrated, it's not funny. Not to mention hurt, and nauseas.

We had an extended family Bible Study tonight, as has become a habit of ours.  The mistake was made in letting my guard down. It seemed for sure that perhaps our family had changed, and was indeed growing in Christ. Tonight proved to be a set back for sure. I hated that it happened, but there comes a time, when a person, even a Christian gets tired of being slapped around. (Proverbially speaking, not literally)

Have you ever come across a situation where you disagree with someone, and the someone will NOT leave you alone until you agree with them? Used to, I would agree, just to get the other person to shut up. Tonight, I threw that procedure out the window, and stood my ground. Was I right in doing so? How does one gracefully bow out, without agreeing to the wrong thing?

The sad thing is, as the argument escalated, there was a definite discomfort in the by standers not involved. Now, neither I nor the offending party acted in a manner of love, and that was wrong. Not only am I angry at the offending party, but I am nauseas in the part that I played for causing the discomfort to my other family members. What would have happened if I had just hushed, and pretended to agree? Was it really so important to stand my ground? When it comes to the cause of the gospel, I believe it is. If I am in another person's house, and they insist on proclaiming a false doctrine, I am free to leave. Out of respect for the homeowner, I could bow out, and leave them to their falseness. However, when one comes into my house and starts spewing their false doctrine, I am pretty sure I have a responsibility to denounce it, no? Sadly, it wasn't just a disagreement. The discussion arose to insults, sarcasm, and taunting.

I am SOOO tired of always having to be the one to back down from this person!! My entire life, and not just mine, but others who lived around this family member, have always been taunted and insulted, and we've been told to just look the other way, to ignore it... blah blah blah. I suppose, even Scripture tells encourages us to keep our mouths shut when people are persecuting us for the cause of Christ. However, I don't know if I was being "persecuted" for the cause of Christ, or if it was just because two bulls had differing thoughts.

Jesus got to get rid of the money changers... fuss at the pharisees... and several other times he was able to have the final counter remarks on a subject. Of course, He was Christ, and could. Once, just ONCE I would like to have the final word. Yeah, yeah... I know--Pride with a capital "P". It feels like I am STILL under bondage to this task master. Maybe if it wasn't the gospel, I could ignore it and go on. But when it's the gospel--I can't ignore it.

If anyone out there has some experiences or suggestions of how to get pride out of the situation, when constantly berated by the same person whom you're pretty well stuck with... I'd sure love to hear it.

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  1. That is disappointing to hear that. Just remeber even though the rest of the family may have been uncomfortable, they have live with the person most or all of their lives too. remeber when faced with one of the bullish people, how do you deal with the bullies in your classroom, and always, sooner or later those who talk so much talk themselves into a circle. Most of the time this is why Jesus had the last word when he did, because the pharasees had either talked themselves in a circle or had brought up a subject they knew was incorrect. For example when the pharasees asked Jesus if a man had two wives which wife would he have in heaven. Jesus' response was very clear and started something like.... why do you try to trick me when you know it is written in the scripture that there will be no husbands and wives in heaven. Paraphrased of course, I believe the actual encounter is somewhere in Matthew. Don't give up. Let God work out the details. You never know, this may be the begining of something great.